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  • Nate, we do all of those things here, and we are in the middle of implementing an ERP system. We have work shops building to order, a local trucking fleet and regional trucking arrangements, e-commerce and traditional order fulfillment. If you want to hear whats gone right (and wrong) feel free to contact me. I'm the IT director of a manufacturer and distributor.

  • Your missing the point.
    Purchasing an ERP is an expensive undertaking with many hidden costs. The software offerings out there are out dated and very restrictive. That being said, the concept of an ERP is important and can give a company more control of the business. The key is flexibility.
    We are implementing an ERP here (i'm heading up the IT portion). We have heavily customized it to suit our needs. We have also chosen a system that can be programmed by us. Sparkfun has a staff of programmers and a lot of bright people. They have the resources to build an ERP around their business model. But you don't want to write your own accounting software. That just needs to work. So finding an accounting package that can interact with a custom solution is a challenge. We did, but it is not without it's problems.
    The ERP work shop is a great way to learn what will and won't work for your business.

  • Photographer snaps pic of Lobster/Fish Car. Rethinks his career choice.

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