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  • So I bought this development board to use the Qwicc connect system alongside ADXL313 breakout boards, but it seems as if the Sparkfun ADXL313 library is not compatible with this board as the compiler gives a "setDataMode" error can someone point me in the correct direction to make this work?

  • I Must say i have to agree with you Ami ! what a waste of good money! sesnor doesnt work the demo code doesnt work , and when you go to supplier website geuss what there is no " contact us" details you are left to post in the forum to which no one responds

  • can anyone tell me if this sensor will be able to detect a EMP over a distance of 2 meters( the EMP device has been proven to work to 7 meters)

  • I am busy Remaking Jarvis from Iron Man, I have it working in my house but need to make it mobile, Would like to try one of these units out connect it via Wifi to the home network and use the MP3 capability to enable Jarvis voice promp playbacks, so i can wear the controller and move around the house/garden freely while still controlling everything via voice.

  • Hey Guys has the fuses on this unit been fixed now ? do they work correctly as supplied by spark-fun

  • guys how hard is it to program the watch in the Provided software ? is it similar to arduino or is it another language? i want to display info from a temp sensor on the screen from remote arduino

  • Hi Guys I would like to know can this watch be programmed with arduino without the TIs Code Studio ? I am buzy with a environmental awarness project and want on display info on the watch from arduino , how do i do that?

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