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  • I've always wished Sparkfun would create an addressable LED version of these boards, but they sadly do not offer it. I've contemplated doing the same as you, cutting traces and re-routing, but I wanted something a bit more finished looking, so I've created an exact replica of this board so it will allow the use of such LEDs, and it's available on OSH Park. I've made it so that the LED portions are chainable if necessary so one can daisy chain these if needed as well. Shipped free, they're $19.35 for a set of three, (6.45 per board, but 3 is the min order), which is a bit more than what Sparkfun offers, but these are ready to go if anyone is interested. Just note that these take a bit longer to arrive.

            LINK: https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/FmtT6vg8

    These boards are completely made from the ground up, using available dimensions for the holes and the button contact locations. The silicone buttons fit perfectly and work exactly the same. I've also managed to increase the resolution of the button contact grid, and due to being from OSH Park, all exposed copper comes gold plated, and these improvements make the button contacts more reliable... (I've had instances where the Sparkfun button contact surface oxidizes over time, causing me to take apart projects and clean the contacts, which is about once a year or so). These are designed to use the SJ-F5-2811-F LEDs (5mm), That Sparkfun offers, or equivalent, (basically, use Adafruit's NeoPixel Arduino library / tutorial).

    NOTE: The diodes ARE NOT necessary unless creating a scanning matrix with multiple button boards. Simple jumpers are all that is needed if using single boards for projects.

  • Arduinos do not come with a USB cable. you have to purchase them separately...

  • 1N4148, as stated in the description

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