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  • Thanks Paradoxial for your help with all of this. I was able to locate a 9v/2.5A power supply, and plan on running this through a 4V regulator. As a general point, will these spikes in 2A do any potential damage to my Arduino or other attached components? Or is the preferred route to use capacitors?

  • I agree that it’s worth it to invest in a benchtop power board, but I’m wondering how you properly power this device in an embedded solution where you can’t lug around an ATX power supply.
    From what I’m reading, I need to supply the device 4v (+/- .5v) and it will max out at 2A during high consumption. I’m sure this is probably easy for the EEs in the room, but can anyone explain their Arduino setup to make the power requirements of this device work? Are you using some sort of 4v regulator, resistors?
    Also, it would be immensely helpful if someone could point me in the right direction for a intro wiring and code sample for using this device for pure data communication (no voice, sms, etc). There seems to be ample documentation on the commands used to communicate with the device, I just need some help getting started with connecting it to my Arduino. Already have it loaded on the breakout board, but hesitant to begin wiring up. Thanks in advance for any help!

  • I’ve only been operating off of USB power up to this point and just ordered this module. Should this wall wart (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/298) provide sufficient amperage to cover the pulses/spikes, or can anyone reference the best power setup to use this module?

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