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  • For anyone who might have trouble figuring out how to wire this switch, I drew a schematic of how to wire it up. http://www.lee.org/blog/2014/08/06/sparkfun-illuminated-switch-schematic/

  • I just checked and it isn't hooked up backwards. One set of wires is red and black, I cut off the 9V battery snap and attached it to "DC to Inverter"; the red is positive (but I've heard one shouldn't count on that). I hooked the two black wires to "AC in from Inverter".

    I'll give Tech Support a call, thanks.

  • I plugged the EL Escudo Dos into two Arduinos and it seems to have fried them both. I'm not sure of that but I wanted to check in before plugging in another device. Let me tell you more about my configuration:

    • EL Escudo Dos
    • Cool Neon Fish Driver with Switch
    • 12 volt, 1 amp switched wall wart

    I soldered the SJ1 jumper so the inverter would run at 12 volts. The Leonardo can't be programmed any more; I plug it in and it blinks but when I start to Upload and it just gets tired about 1/2 way through. The Uno has a power light but just sits there.

    Any thoughts?

  • Be cautious running high voltage through a vacuum tube. You'll be generating x-rays.

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