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  • Great rangefinder with a solid 5-foot range. Range values may vary for different colored surfaces, making it difficult to tell the difference between a close-up IR-absorbing object or a far-away IR-reflecting object. In our experience, this difference was only a few inches. I would recommend making an Excel (or equivalent) spreadsheet of experimental ADC values vs distances and using the software to create a trend line with a corresponding equation for your software to use to estimate ranges. Runs well on a regulated 5V supply with a good-sized capacitor to counteract the ripple it will cause when it pulls current.

  • Great low-friction skid surface for a 10-20 pound robot. We used it for a line-following robot which drove on a smooth, perfectly flat, white MDF surface marked with thick black PVC tape. The robot was able to perform tank-style turns reliably, and the added spacers ensured that there was little wobbling. Small washers could also be used as spacers if the included ones aren't the right thickness for your application.

  • Comes with no documentation, and requires extra hardware and software to program. NOT A WORKING STANDALONE KIT AS ADVERTISED. If you don't have PIC programming hardware, software, and experience, then do not waste your time and money on this $90 do-it-yourself doorstop.

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