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  • Product BOB-00099 | about 3 days ago

    This module has the following: IC ($1.35), crystal ($0.27), holder ($0.27), 0.56 sq in pcb (~$0.15) capacitor ($0.04), CR1225 (~$0.20) and assembly (~$0.15) for a grand total of $2.43, this even before negotiating with suppliers on volume pricing. Does anyone else think this module is overpriced? For that matter, do all Sparkfun products have such ridiculous margin (approx. 515% margin in this case)? If the answer is yes, I see a real business opportunity here!

  • Product DEV-11925 | about 3 days ago

    Does the serial monitor work on the Uno integrated into the arLCD? I have tried and was unsuccessful reading output through the serial monitor of the Arduino IDE.

  • Product SEN-11931 | about 5 months ago

    The data sheet indicates max temperature error of +/- 2C from -25C to 85C (pg 3) but also suggests max error of +0.5/-0.15C (fig 3) over the same range (although all figs are subject to the qualifier “typical characteristics”). Any idea which accuracy limit is correct? Fig 6 also seems too good to be true, it would be useful if TI specified the maximum temperature error at 25C.

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