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  • Any help with the following would be much appreciated. - How many charge-discharge cycles can this pack handle before capacity degrades significantly? - What lithium ion battery chemistry is used? - Is there a minimum load requirement for this pack to operate? Packs like this usually have an internal dc-dc converter that steps the approx. 4V from the battery up to 5V delivered to the output. Does this dc-dc converter remain on even when the load is very small, e.g. 50uA? - Can the four-tier status LED be disabled to conserve power? - Does the pack have current limiting and/or short circuit protection? How will this pack respond if I (inadvertently) apply more than the 1A rated load? Will it survive?

  • The correct form is: analogReference(AR_EXTERNAL); There needs to be an AR_ prefix attached to the various analog reference modes.

  • Does this board support an external analog reference when using the Arduino IDE? When I try the following: analogReference(EXTERNAL); I get an error: "invalid conversion from 'int' to 'eAnalogReference"

  • spelling correction: Philips (not Phillips)

  • Which inverter was chosen for this system? Kudos to SparkFun for plugging into the sun.

  • The price is too high in my humble opinion. A quick look at some catalog distributors reveals that the parts for this kit come to about $10 (in quantities of 1000) plus the board ($3 at most). Even at a selling price of $20 Sparkfun would be making a healthy margin and likely sell a lot more of these. I would also like to see Sparkfun offer just the circuit board for kits like these. Just my opinion.

  • This looks like a great product. What is the rated CRI, color temperature, lumen maintenance vs. time, recommended thermal resistance of the heatsink, and maximum junction temperature for this LED. Can you provide the datasheet for these?

  • Everyone has a choice. But why would you not save $13 by getting the Mega from a cheaper source like Mouser and then be able to buy more goodies from SparkFun with the money saved?

  • Just checked today and Mouser has the ARDUINO MEGA2560 REV 3 for $45.95.

  • I just noticed that Mouser now has the Arduino Uno R3 for $24.51.

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