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  • Just don't eat it or breathe it. Alpha emitters are generally a non-issue outside the body where shielding (air) and distance are available. Put alpha emitters in lung tissue or in bone near the marrow and alphas can do some serious long-term damage. Nothing to be paranoid about; just treat radioactive material with appropriate caution as you would with high voltage, live steam, or any other hazard. Know the risks and don't be cavalier about them.

  • Thoughts on breaking out the GM tube on a thin bit of coax or other appropriate cable, maybe via a tiny BNC connector? One could enclose the signal processing & HV (tube bias) bits for safety & durability and let the tube wander into harms' way.
    I need one of these and some calibration sources; it'll go great with my Civil Defense survey meter, dosimeter, & reader/charger. Now I'm tempted to break out my copy of Knoll's "Radiation Detection & Measurement" and see what kind of a fun tutorial I could come up with.

  • This is what a well-written warrant is for. The phrase "Not without a court order or warrant; you'll need to talk to our lawyer" when politely delivered to law enforcement might have a snowball's chance in hell of actually evoking a reasonable response, especially if you're not the droids, er, suspect they're looking for. Helping law enforcement write a warrant that is appropriately narrow helps protect customer privacy while giving the cops the information they're looking for. Everyone but the criminals win.

  • I think I saw some anime with that thing in it and it gave me nightmares for weeks...

  • Seriously, parts need to be kept segregated lest you wind up with a tiny brood of memristors or klystrons. Those things are harder to get rid of than a litter of kittens. And they're not RoHS-compliant (the parts, not the kittens) so you can't just tie them in a sack with some rocks and toss them in a pond. Come to think of it, you can't do that with kittens anymore either, though you'd need a bigger box to keep them in. You'd probably have to poke holes in the lid. I guess this is why I'm not allowed to have pets.
    (apologies to humor-impaired kitten lovers everywhere...)

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