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  • I’ll comment on Sam’s project one more time and I will butt out since I’m his Dad and therefore biased. There is a place for skeptics in our society, for good reasons. I myself was blown out by Sam’s project. I didn’t think he could accomplish so much for his age but he did. When he gets passionate about something, he gives it all he’s got. He worked very hard on this project and kept perfecting it after the San Juan Basin (regional) Science Fair. I was with him the day before the State Fair when he stayed in the motel the whole day working on the code. He went from approximately three pages of code to, I believe, over 10 pages. Am I right, Sam? By the way, we stayed in Motel 8 in Ft. Collins, not the Hilton. We are a lower middle class family with little money to spare but I would rather help Sam buy parts for his project than get a new (more like a good used) car, go on vacation or eat out once a week. It’s a matter of priority! How much Sam/we spent on his project is beside the point. To me, the hero of all this is Mike Grusin of Sparkfun who showed us around as well as showed interest in Sam’s project and wrote the blog about it. We need more people like Mike to let young people know that what they do is important and to encourage them to pursue their passion in science, engineering, and other fields. Thank you Mike.

  • I’m Sam’s Dad and I would like to confirm that Sam did 99.9% of the work himself. All my wife and I did was provide financial support, encouragement, and a little push (figuratively speaking!) to get the project completed before the science fair. I must admit, I helped him glue some of the printouts on the display board but I had absolutely nothing to do with the content or any other aspects of the project. My (and my wife’s) knowledge of electronics and computer programming is close to zero. Sam learned electronics and C programming on his own. He has shown interest in science and engineering since an early age. In 2009, he won first place for engineering at the regional science fair and 3rd at the State fair for his project “the laser car”. He did a different and more complicated project in 2010 but he couldn’t finish it in time for the science fair. His 2011 project is different from the previous two. Thank you Sparkfun for providing a forum as well as resources for budding scientists and engineers.

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