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  • I tried to buy one but they are not available? I asked to be notified. Do you know when there will be availability?

  • Thank you for this tutorial. It is just what i am looking for!

    I get the error message (OS = Mac):

    Error opening serial port /dev/tty.usbmodel1451: Port busy

    when trying to run Processing after starting to run the Arduino sketch on this port.

    It makes sense the port is busy. However, for this to work they must share.

    What am i doing wrong that will not allow sharing of the serial port? (thank you very much.

  • That sounds like a great idea. Sparkfun - will your international distributors sell them?

  • How can the community help? Sparkfun is a huge positive influence in our lives that does business with ethics first. The laws are set up to assume companies don't care. But weirdly it seems both Fluke and Sparkfun do care. With that said, I read posts like this and feel helpless. Is there any call to action?

  • I am using the circuit and probe for a hydroponics system. I was wondering if you found an alternative that works better for you? I'd be interested in exploring other options as they become available. Always good to know what is out there!

  • Do you know which lapse camera you are using?

  • These are great references. Your "higher end" does not reference the Atlas Scientific (also it is $20 less expensive). Have you found your recommendation to be better - or is your choice based on price? Ability to buy on eBay (i.e.: less expensive).

  • I'm glad you tooted! There are great projects and insights that you share. Parden if this is on the sight - which pH probs did you use? Are there ones you'd recommend over others?

    Thank you.

  • I played around (Atlas Scientific) pH sensor kit w/ my Arduino this summer. I really appreciate the simplicity you brought to calibration and then pH reading. Great job!

    The challenge I have is the pH sensor costs over $100. I want to make many to stick on each of my sensor nodes. Each sensor node is attached to a hydroponic system. My intent is to grow a lot of vegetables in my house using multiple hydroponics systems and then perhaps if all goes well, make kits for others.

    Is there any thought/idea to getting a pH sensor cost to sub-$10? Why is it I can buy a "good enough" pH hand held meter for sub-$10. I know it won't be as scientifically accurate, but that is perfectly ok.

    great video and thanks (to anyone!) for recommendations.

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