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  • i put the part number for some larger & stronger clips in my review here: http://theksmith.com/consumerism/sparkfun-third-hand-review/

  • great value! recommended it on my blog: http://theksmith.com/technology/how-to-take-apart-motorola-xoom-sparkfun-toolkit/

  • nice to see a new variation of Arduino - but wondering if anyone could point out any strengths of this over the Teensy?

    the Teensy appears to be cheaper ($16), more flexible, and a more mature project (and though not an exact Arduino-clone, it does seem to be mainly compatible).

    is the ProMicro currently just a product for early adopters that want the newest new? or are there some neat features i'm missing?

  • seems like a lot of comments from people having issues, nearly didn't purchase... finally did, and happy to report no problems testing it out in a few minutes time.

    soldered leads, hooked the VCC to the regulated 3V from my Arduino Nano, tied in GND, hooked the AUD output to an analog pin on the Arduino. then hooked 3 LED's to 3 digital outputs on the Arduino in order to create a little VU/SPL meter simulation:

    const int pinMic = A5; //analog input connected to mic AUD
    const int pinLED0 = 9; //digital output connected to LED 0
    const int pinLED1 = 10; //digital output connected to LED 1
    const int pinLED2 = 11; //digital output connected to LED 2
    //baseline level for my mic in a fairly quiet room
    //determined by watching serial monitor on first run
    const int valBaseline = 350;
    void setup() {
        pinMode(pinLED0, OUTPUT);
        pinMode(pinLED1, OUTPUT);
        pinMode(pinLED2, OUTPUT);
    void loop() {
        int valMic = analogRead(pinMic);
        if (valMic > valBaseline + 10) digitalWrite(pinLED0, HIGH);
        else digitalWrite(pinLED0, LOW);
        if (valMic > valBaseline + 15) digitalWrite(pinLED1, HIGH);
        else digitalWrite(pinLED1, LOW);
        if (valMic > valBaseline + 25) digitalWrite(pinLED2, HIGH);
        else digitalWrite(pinLED2, LOW);

    with this code i can speak in a normal volume at 12"+ from the mic and light up the first led pretty solid and the second follows the volume peaks in my speech. if i move to within 6" of the mic or speak a little louder, the first & second LED's light consistently and the third peaks.

    on these 5v Arduinos, i believe you could also use analogReference(EXTERNAL) with 3.3v to AREF in order to get more resolution: http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/AnalogReference - is that correct?

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