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  • According to the UBlox Datasheet, this is primarily a dual-band UMTS/HSPA (3GPP Release 7) module with the ability to do dual-band GSM, so even though GSM may be shutting down in certain countries, it will still be able to use the UMTS or HSPA service

  • Hi Pete,

    The gEDA suite has its quirks and its annotation is one-way through a BASH script, but it's grown on me. Footprints are easy enough to add, you can do it in the PCB program or in text file, or in the "gfootgen" program. Both gschem and pcb have quick keyboard shortcuts for just about everything, which is nice, but as separate programs, each has its own set of them.

    pcb can export layouts as gerber, png (layer or "photo" mode), postscript (which can be converted to pdf), BOM, etc. I have a quick bash script to convert its ouput (foo.toplayer.gbr, etc) to the output that most boardhouses use (foo.GTO, etc) which I should post too.

    I'll have to get around to uploading all my footprints and symbols to (the reigning champ of symbol/footprint sites), which is run by DJ Delorie. She's on #sparkfun from time to time.

  • It seems that you could also do a locking 2-pin header by shifting each of the pins 5 mils inward or outward along the axis instead. That said, I have no idea if the Sparkfun Library already has one or not, I'm just throwing that out there. Just finished making a set of "locking" single-row header footprints for gEDA/PCB. For headers over 4 pins, I left the first and last holes where they were instead of shifting them, to aid in overall positioning at design time.

  • FCC Certification can be picky about user-accessible external antenna ports, unless they also get that port certified as well or disable it by, for example, leaving out an 0402 chip

  • OLED Block because you can take your projects on the go and interface with them without a computer or phone.

  • Not that I've seen, they're pretty much all LCD at that size.

  • Yep. This one uses the headphones as an antenna, for better or worse.

  • I read that it's actually quite rare for stations to transmit RDS time. Obviously, YMMV based on your location and your radio stations.

  • Typically ;) I wouldn't push absolute maximums on anything more than "absolutely" necessary, though.

  • And there's even a driver in Linux for this guy. "< > Sensiron humidity and temperature sensors. SHT15 and compat."

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