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  • Typically ;) I wouldn’t push absolute maximums on anything more than “absolutely” necessary, though.

  • And there’s even a driver in Linux for this guy. “< > Sensiron humidity and temperature sensors. SHT15 and compat.”

  • I’ve been working on it for a while; I wrote a driver for the audio chip, but can’t get it to make sounds yet.

  • Nope, sorry. This guy only lowers voltages.

  • The “Port OpenWRT to Cuhead Pro” wiki page linked now says it has the following:

    • CPU: Ralink RT5350F (360MHz, MIPS architecture)
    • SDRAM: Winbond W9825g6jh-6 (32MB)
    • FLASH: MXIC MX25L6405D (8MB)
    • Audio DAC: Everest Semiconductor ES8155 (See also ProTek PA5155)

    Edit: A few observations:

    • You can telnet into the module, Username: admin, Password: admin
    • The firmware auto-mounts USB devices to /media/sda and each partition to /media/sda1, sda2, etc
  • Bahaha, Lady Gaga Warning. I LOLd.

  • You could always tie a VS1053/VS1063 to the I2S output to support MP3, etc.

  • Closest I can find are HDSP-2541 on alltronics, but it’s at $70/ea. Mouser seems to have similar ones, but for similar prices. Those Alphanumeric ones are insanely pricey.

    They do seem to have the 4-character QDSP-2009, the 4-character DL2416T, and the 6-character SCDQ5580, though. Still many times more money than this product here.

  • Hmm, or maybe it’s printed reverse so people can’t actually use them through OCR machine readers.

  • I would imagine the customer service folks would clear the exception log in order, so the first 50 in the log should be the first 50 to come out of exception status.

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