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  • Some helpful notes about using this.
    On the FTDI site just look for the automatic setup option and save some time.
    To find the serial port for the usb connection (in Win7 at least) go to Control Panel->System->Device Manager->Ports and find the one named USB Serial Port.
    Go here and download Putty.exe: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html
    Change the connection type in the first page to Serial and enter the port from the previous step (e.g. COM8), then open.
    That is it; you should see 0's and 1's on your terminal, hopefully not too fast! For testing I used some old vaseline glass marbles I had picked up off Ebay a while back. If you do the same remember to test with a UV light to make sure they are legit; they should glow. Actually, now you have another way to test them. :-)

  • I just looked at the board again and saw the little 5V text. Top notch silkscreening as usual and thanks much for the clarification!

  • Can you clarify something for me, please?
    This comment suggest the lilypad requires the 5V FTDI interface. The comment above from Pearce (who appears to be a Sparkfun employee) specifies that it is actually a 3.3V FTDI interface. If that were so the Lilypad would not work, correct?
    So which is it, does this board come with a 5V FTDI or does the Lilypad operate at 3.3V? The standalone Lilypad FTDI seems to suggest that it is indeed 5V.

  • Can you confirm that the picture is correct and this is an ATMEGA328P?

  • Excellent new product! Please keep in mind though that while Java is the "preferred" development language on the Android platform C++ is fully supported via the native library dev kit (NDK). With that it is possible to maintain a fully coherent codebase with only a simple java bootstrap to launch your app.