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  • What's with the new cat in a suit picture on the wall?

  • Oh and forget doing this if you have windows vista/7 especially 64 bit....

  • For those of you trying to re-flash the 128x64 LCD like myself, I used TAHAIC's post to figure out which pins on the LCD backpack were which. I wish I could post pictures because I made a great diagram for myself that would save you a lot of trouble, but I can't. So....
    The most time consuming part was finding the correct pins on the sparkfun backpack. Here are some additions to the post above that might help. On my backpack the AtmegaGA168 is a square shapped micro-controller but is mounted upside down. Using a flashlight I read the label on the chip that said "AtMegaGA169". The black circle on this chip marks pin 1. For the following tips to work place pin 1 so it's the top left cornor this might mean you have to rotate the PCB upsidedown. The bottom right pin, when pin 1 is top left, is the MISO pin. When pin 1 is the top left pin, just below the mirco controller there are 6 holes in the PCB board these are the programmer holes. You need to find hole 1. Hole 1 is tied directly to the MISO pin on the microcontroller, the Atmega168. I just used continuity on my multimeter to varify. I put one lead from my multimeter in the programmer holes on the backpack pcb and the other on pin16 on the micro controller. I got continuity!
    What was hard for me anyways, was that 1.) the microcontroller is upside down. 2.) the programmer pins are backwards, when the PCB is upsidedown pin 1 is top right, when you'd expect it to be top left. 3.) I am kinda new at this.
    Finally, I'm sorry if I was too wordy. I tried really hard to use clear steps. Also... didn't use spell check...

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