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  • Also, on your Qwiic_Py documentation page, you definitely have a typo:

    "The qwiic Python package current supports the following platforms:"

    Should be "... currently ...."

    Edit: Do you guys need an editor? I'm pretty good at editing. See how much practice I get at it? :-)

  • Hey, sounds great!! I like the idea of being able to power stronger motors.

    However, I think you've got the wrong datasheet linked. The PCA9685 (according to your current link) is a: 16-channel, 12-bit PWM Fm+ I2C-bus LED controller

    We're not talking about LED controllers here. Or we're not supposed to be! :-)

    So tell you what, if you'll fix the link, I'll delete this comment. (I.e., if I can.)

    Thanks, Leland...

    Edit: Also, fix the document link, and I'll buy one right away!! Maybe two, if you fix it quickly enough! :-)

    Edit 2: Or is it actually the same controller?? (And I was wrong above?) Maybe that's possible, given my current knowledge level. (Pun intended.) :-P

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