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  • Jetson tk-1?

  • Okay… So I found this:
    Anyone want to modify it to suit our purpose?

  • To help users like BScode this wiki link may be of some use:
    WIKI - Serial_Peripheral_Interface_Bus
    I see a lot of comments about how to re-program the device and I am sure someone knows how. I would also like to change some aspects of the program to properly suit my testing application. Can someone come up with a device programming tutorial?
    From what I can tell there was no boot loader included but according to the ATmega168 specification a boot loader for this device is possible. However, without a boot loader all hope is not lost because it would seem you can program the device using SPI. Is this how you do it Sparkfun? Boot loader anyone?
    Here is the ATmega168 specification:

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