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  • Is there an Arduino library for talking to this via I2C (Qwiic)?

  • That Design Guidelines document was a scary read. Looked like I needed to do a lot of work just to get this thing up and running.
    Not so.
    Plugged it into my 3.3VDC USB FTDI board and I had NMEA coming in the serial port. It's been working fine all day.
    If Sparkfun does another board like this, they should consider laying it out so that it is pin compatible with the Arduino Pro Mini. Can you say, Mini-Shield?
    Or at least make it pin compatible with the USB FTDI board.
    Then I could heat-shrink the whole thing inline with the cable.

    I requested an update from SkyTraq and they responded within hours.
    See this post (http://forum.sparkfun.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=30124) for the files.

  • Firmware Update in documents section above is out of date. The version of firmware that was in my board when it came was:
    Rom code:
    SkyTraq Kernel Version 32.0.53
    SkyTraq Version 51.0.20
    SkyTraq Revision 2017.0.113
    System code:
    SkyTraq Kernel Version 1.6.1
    SkyTraq Version 1.10.23
    skyTraq Revision 2011.4.26
    and after updating with Firmware Update above:
    Rom code:
    SkyTraq Kernel Version 12.96.0
    SkyTraq Version 131.0.0
    SkyTraq Revision 2000.96.0
    System code:
    SkyTraq Kernel Version 1.6 1
    SkyTraq Version 1.10.23
    SkyTraq Revision 2011.3.31
    I looked on skytraq.com.tw but can't find any firmware to download. Anyone have a link?

  • Arduino Source Code for accessing the Serial Graphic LCD:

  • It's nice to have somewhere to refer people when they want to learn how to solder!
    Excellent tutorials!

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