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  • Kerning is the relative spacing between letters. Basically, you want the same amount of visual space around each letter.
    There's a poster up here in Pittsburgh for the show ANTIGONE (pronounced Ant-ig-oney) that looks like it's (ANT I GONE) because of how much space is around the I.

  • Fabulous sensor -- just got it working on my bench after not playing with it for months.
    A lot more computationally intensive than http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8161

  • Oh my, that's beautiful!

  • Anybody have a good idea on a hole size for mounting through a case?
    My first attempt at that led to some trimming of the plastic doohickey to keep it from snagging.

  • Any idea on the power requirements? Looking to battery operate it...

  • Looks like the change to surface mounted Xbee socket made it a little wider where the xbee is.
    They've also broken out CTS & DTR pins (from the Xbee?), which weren't there on the last FIO I saw.

  • Anybody know the external diameter of the pole that comes with this?

  • In the next revision, it'd be really excellent to have the SS pin broken out somewhere on it, and roll/yaw shifted down two pins to free up the i2c connectors =)
    As-is, you can use the uart pins for an ss pin if you're the spi master, but a board like this would like to be the slave so you can just poll imu data, or implement a software i2c, but no way to use the internal i2c or spi as slave.
    Anyways, I have some good working kalman-filtered roll & pitch code. My output code is not currently working, so it's removed from this: http://pittsburgh.benpeoples.com/code/BLP6DOF.zip

  • Should perhaps also be noted that 40 miles LINE OF SIGHT is not exactly the simplest thing, due to the curvature of the earth. For connecting a 6' tall person to another antenna, you'll need an 800 foot tower. Two 300' towers would be able to talk to each other 40 miles apart.

  • Cool! In retrospect, having the interrupt delay programmable (yeah, yeah, yeah, feature creep...) up to a few seconds would make for a super-useful for water rocketry where you don't have an ejection charge to deploy your parachute. (Having it calculate the apogee time from the acceleration impulse would be gravy).

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