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  • iff i change the power inductor it will give a bigger amperage?

  • can i charge a phone with this ?the phone has a battery of 800mah,that means it will charge in 8 hours with a 100ma?

  • anyone knows how to modify this pcb and get out 500mA or more?its important because of the dimensions,i need something verry small

  • does anyone now how to modify this kit to put out 5v 800 mah??or a little electronic trick that can boost the mah??another thing : my input would be 2 batteryes of 1.2v 1000mah each,and i'm thinking to put another battery to reach 3.6v and to use that battery to boost the mah....my output needs to be 5v 800mah,any ideas??(i'm new to electronics)