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  • I checked the datasheet and the comments below but did not see any answers, anyone know what size jack I need for this?

  • Tech Support it is, thanks.

  • Oh, and yes I did connect the auto-reset and yes I know there are known issues with the Optiboot loader and FT232 USB to Serial timing issues. Just wondering how I can tell if I have a bad chip or bad boot loader.

  • Hello,
    Has anyone gotten one of these Optiboot loaded chips to upload a sketch via Arduino ide v22? I keep getting the STK500 no sync message no matter what board I choose. I am using this chip on a breadboard with a basic FTDI FT232RL breakout that I built also on a breadboard. The Arduino breadboard is built as per the instructions from Virgil_Disgr4ce link at the top, and the Breakout is built using a 28 pin SSOP to DIP breakout (Sparkfun board) that I soldered. The USB to Serial works fine.
    Lastly, I have even tried various flavors of using AVRDude and wiring up the FTDI as a bit banger. When I do that I get the no sync message as well as chip ID of 0x000000.
    Wondering if the chip is bad or I need to break down and buy a programmer and reflash the chip?

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