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    Just re-read your post. You might be onto something! The enable pin might work as a “banker” just as long as the display retains the display, and ignores incoming data while the enable pin is low (or “not enabled”) . This of course would require an extra pin per-display, coordinated with the data going to each display. Just try it, and let everyone know how it goes! If I had a project using multiple displays, the insight in your question would be invaluable. I would have just used a separate controller and bus for each display, or I would have found an i2c solution. A little tweak here and there can save a lot in production!!!

  • Long story short… this is not (feasibly) possible. You would need a complicated (okay probably not impossible) way to “bank” the data from the backpack to the multiple lcds, which may even require more logic intervention. There is no way to address the hd4470 chip individually in a parallel connection, each controller needs it’s own bus. And each backpack needs it own bus (1 wire (+gnd @ Vcc), if it were i2c you could control multiple backpacks from one bus. I would only do it to prove a point (which is sometimes all the reason you need!!!) SO, you need one backpack AND one pin on your uC for each LCD. Hope this was of help!

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