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  • what, no viking funeral for COM-09203?

  • do you sell a heatsink for this product?

  • i remember this being on the BM website as an upcoming project in either 2008/2009, im glad to see it finally got made... have a great burn!

  • what is the beam angle of this product

  • aMeyer: _
    The 940-950nm is too long of a wavelength to be picked up well by IR cameras. Most IR cameras are most sensitive to the 850nm (or "almost red") area.
    couldnt you use a ps3 eye, OEM lense modded, with the correct bandpass filter installed?
    at any rate - 850 does perform a lot better - ive tested a number of ranges of IR over the past mos and ive settled on using 850nm LEDS and had some success with 780nm lasers...the 850 were out of stock from a supplier, and almost $30.00 more expensive!

  • oooh i wanted one so bad!!!!
    max/msp has a great implementation of the HID stack, so you can probably plug several of these in, and route to different places
    when are you getting more!

  • so - can we expect the Boarduino breakout version of the sequencer any time before mid july or even before the burn at all?
    I had an epiphany today when i realized i could drive el-wire with triacs. Needless to say, i was about 1/2 way thru designing a breakout for the boarduino, and moseyed over here to read some of your posts on having PCBs made...
    either way - i need something i can mate with a uC dev(arduino xxx) that has more pins, and some leftover for interactive input... im thinkin mega.. but thats a bit overkill.
    Im still buying 2 of these tho...

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