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  • I need the board mount jack too so I can use it for VCC, GND, TX, RX for a shifter and datalogger I use. This would make it very easy to install.

  • This is somewhat new to me so excuse by basic questions. I have a system on my airplane that displays all the engine temps and pressures but does not record data. It does have a serial data out line so I bought an OpenLog, made up a 5 volt power supply using a 7805 voltage regulator, and wired it up. I then formatted the card using my laptop, plugged it into OpenLog, and turned on the electrical system and data display system for a few minutes. Then I took the card to my laptop to see what had been generated.
    OpenLog made a CONFIG.TXT file and a data file named LOGO0015.TXT. The CONFIG file is fine and reads 9600, 26, 3, 0, but the LOGO file is not text, it's lots of funny characters.
    So how do I convert everything to text I can parse into a spreadsheet?
    Here is what the data looks like:
    úþþþþþ.þþžÆþþnþþÖ 1 1žžîüþþþþþþþ þþþ2 þþþþþþþþþþþþþþ²þ®þ²þÒþº

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