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  • BB,
    Sorry to hear you haven't been able to use your Maple as much as you wanted to. We're going to keep improving the issues you've described. For instance, the new 0.0.10 beta release includes a finished I2C driver.
    I hope you keep an eye on us!

  • For the entire board, depending on how you source the supplies, you can (although I won't say should) go from 2.4 to 12 volts.
    If you've got your own regulators, the processor will continue to work if you supply Vcc directly with as low as ~2.4V. It's a 3.3V board, though, so going below that will have all of the obvious negative consequences. ST's recommended max is 3.6V.
    If you supply Vin, you should be able to get away with 3V (though I won't swear to it); it goes through the same regulator as the barrel jack.

  • Marti from LeafLabs here -- just a quick correction.
    The 800 mA figure is from an old version of our docs, and is incorrect. The Maple's actual maximum supply is 500 mA, with separate 250 mA digital and analog regulators. You can tie these together if you need more power. This will cause some extra noise on your analog lines though, so you'll need to consider the tradeoffs.

  • Hi all,
    Marti from LeafLabs here. Just a minor correction: the Maple runs at 72 MHz, not 73.
    We're glad to be on SparkFun! Looking forward to seeing what cool uses you guys can put the Maples to.

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