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  • What are the W x H dimensions of the strip? I'm considering an application where a low profile is important.

  • Can you clear up some confusion regarding the wiring. The note in the product description indicates there's a separate 2 wire power connector in addition to the 3 wire data/control connector. However, the 2 wire power connector is not clear from the photos or individual LED silkscreens, and the example circuit in the WS2812 datasheet shows VCC and VDD sharing a +5V power rail through a 150 ohm resistor to VCC. If the individual LEDs can be "cut free", then only the 3 wire connector would seem plausible according to the photos...

  • Can these be cut into individual LED units? The photos show silkscreen solder pads at each LED as if they can.

  • Cluttered desk -> cluttered mind Empty desk -> draw your own conclusion This is how I justify my mess... er, desk/workbench.

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