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  • I just got my 2nd board delivered after the 1st one acted like a toaster. This 2nd one took 4 pics and then did the same thing. To be exact - I took 2 pics, removed the card and checked them all out. Did the same again - no problem, put the card back in and turned on - toaster time.

    This is a 30 dollar dud product and should be removed until the problems are fixed. It is not ok to sell products with this kind of consistent problem.

  • I just fired up one of these for the first time and “fired up” was not a pun. It got hot.

    This could be a disaster if it shorts out a lipo battery too much huh ?

    I need to know if there is a fix for this please spark fun. (hopefully a DIY fix).

  • Hi
    I bought one of these and it works great. I was about to buy the adafruit adaptors but noticed that on this board there are a number of header pads at the opposite end to the usb connector and that these pads provide RSST, RX, TX, 5V, GND.
    Now Im thinking I could use this board to connect my zigbee device to my quadcopter. Do those pins provide the right stuff, saving me the need for another board ?

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