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  • Thanks! I’ll order one and give it a try.

  • Can this board continuously loop a single track without any audible gap? My parents are installing an elevator in their home, and the manufacturer sadly neglected to include suitable music playing inside the cabin. I’ve already edited an instrumental rendition of the tune to loop cleanly ad nauseum, and my next task is to buy or build a player that can be tucked away in the cabin. This board looks promising since it includes an audio amplifier, and it appears that I should be able to set it up to play a track continuously at power-on. I’m just concerned about whether it can loop a 2:30 long track without an audible glitch between loops.

    Don’t worry; it’ll have an “off” switch.

  • This is a nice piece of hardware! I wish it had a plastic enclosure, though.

  • The AD9835 Breakout Board (just like Analog Devices' own evaluation board for this chip) doesn’t have any filtering on its output. This lets you study the chip’s output spectrum, and try out filter designs that are optimized for some specific application. It’s common to use a low-pass filter with a corner frequency of about 30-40% of the DDS clock frequency, but sometimes you’ll do tricky stuff like deliberately filtering out the main output frequency and using one of the image frequencies.
    Here are a couple of scope shots that I made. The first shows the unfiltered output of the board programmed for 10 MHz, and the second shows it with a 15 MHz low-pass filter (Mini-Circuits model SLP-15+). The yellow trace is the output signal, and the red trace is an FFT of the output signal.
    tek00000.png - unfiltered
    tek00001.png - 15 MHz LPF

  • I just got my AD9835 Breakout Board this weekend. I posted a sample sketch in the forum that might be helpful:

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