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  • The Simblee and RFDuino hardware appear to be the same. Is it just the software that is different? Is it possible to flash RFDuinos to be compatible with Simblee? I love the idea of being able to define the basic UI of the device right on the device.

  • Tis circuit seems to be inappropriate-it uses a relatively low impedance (1.5K) inverting amplifier, instead of the much higher 10K non-inverting configuration in the data sheet.

  • OMG breakout board please!!!!

  • Frank is delighted that his Lil'SportsFriend™ social robot mistook Tom’s insult, “You are TOTALLY gay!”, for a command…

  • Page 19 of the manual:
    * Support the wired remote control included PlayStation controller.
    * Support the wireless serial data communication module such as Xbee, XBee-Pro and

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