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english, some java, and c++ from working with processing and arduino

  • why is this battery more expensive than your battery pack with a higher capacity? I want to build my own using your boards but i might as well just start with the 6600mAh battery pack

  • I want to design a board I can plug this into, but I need it's actual dimensions, and they aren't mentioned at all in the product description and I can't open the eagle files because I don't have access to eagle at the moment, so I just need the width and length

  • the resistors are built in and it's designed for 12v, so the current draw will depend on the number of LEDs on your string. if you're using 1 segment with only 3 LEDs running it at it's max current of 30 mA, that's probably a max of 90 mA, there's 60 LEDs per meter so upwards of 5400 mA or 5.4 A per meter assuming the resistors are set to run it at it's max power

  • one thing im dieing 2 find is a pwm controller because im having trouble generating a pwm signal @ 25khz off of my arduino to control a 4 pin fan. any1 got any tips?

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