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  • It seems somebody is confused about this meter. It can't USB and RS-232 at the same times unless it has two separate ports, which I doubt. The manual doesn't give you any real information about the connection with the computer. If is like some I have seen the interface does not present binary or BCD data but rather a very weirdly arranged set of bits representing the seven segment display. I wrote software for my hp48 calculator to convert to useable data but it sure was not simple. If you just want to display a virtual meter on your computer screen with the drivers provided there is no problem, however. A good alternative is the Protek 506 DMM which gives you good ole Binary Coded Decimal.

  • If you need to slide the plastic down be careful or you could end up sticking one or more of the pins into your finger. After doing that I put the piece I was working on short side down in the vice with the jaws just tight enough to hold it up straight. Then I took a piece of shim wood and placed it over the long pins using a small(!) hammer to tap on the wood. Works fine.

  • I missed that these are spaced on 1mm centers. You might include that in the description more obviously.

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