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  • I thought that the looped buttons like the above indicate a Developer's Kit version. Is that correct?

  • The firmware source code is hosted on github, and the Bluetooth SPP protocol is published. The firmware is based on RTOS, with a binary blob Bluetooth stack licensed from StoneStreetOne. There has been some effort in getting the btstack running on the CC256x-series, and so far things look good. The newest mspgcc also supports 20-bit extended addressing which is needed for the CPU on this watch. It should be possible to run everything on Linux including the JTAG programming since the programming clip emulates the FET device. That is a project in itself, though :-)

    The negatives: no schematics, out-of-box binary blob bluetooth, TI CC256x requires special init scripts and no datasheet, IAR or CCS ...

    The positives: btstack is reported to work, supported by mspgcc and mspdebug tools

  • Is this programming clip the JTAG clip, or is it the bootloader version?

    EDIT: found the answer. The clip is the developer's clip. It emulates the MSP430FET interface. Nice.

  • Thanks for the good times. Productivity went to nil yesterday, but it was fun. And that rageguy was a nice touch.

  • Not commenting about the Simon Kit or the placement of the link on the Sparkfun front page, but about the actual Tapitty service itself.
    Pricing of the service aside, I would like to see more technical information about the Tapitty project itself (on its own webpages). Unfortunately this is not the case. I am probably not alone in saying that the lack of information is a turn-off for me. How does it do this? What are my requirements? None of this is immediately available. Not a good start to a project with aspirations (that should be obvious from the price of admission ...)

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