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  • linear taper are logarithmic not linear. reason ... usually thing in audio feedback amps are by dB,

  • I used to work for a goosestepping drama 'queen'. they promoted him to director and he ODed on crack. works every time.

  • i knew there was a secret, should have guessed.

  • well when my grandpa ran his surplus store we had the dogs there ... such a comfort, and kept us focused. never late for lunch. chow truck a mile away always stirred the beasts.

    DOGS are OPEN SOURCED so keep them in close hugging and petting distance.

    what a wonderful community of people and pets.

  • that was my guess. OK in the future when making skimmers, hand phasers in the 60 watt or greater range, and quad copter ICBMz, please have the presence of mind to scratch out the logo.

  • dont give these hateful bastards anything to work with. when they produce a FEDERAL WARRENT then you might concider it until then jurisdiction prevails.

  • First just because some people are skimming with part purchased from spark fun too bad. the only way you should even think of answering this is if they subpeona the wire and solder manufacturers other wise i would say this is prejudical.

    so what.

    respond ... well next time we find our selves in georgia then we might stop by and see what going on.

    if there are any microcenter stores then ignore it all.

    and until they put down the fishing pole and begin to employ some real detective work like reviewing the video of the WaWa, then they can kiss your sweet rocky mtn ass.

    in other words ...

  • I might wonder the value of dinner gowns with blinking lights, and not really find a lot of use for one, particulary being a male, but i can see that having embedded lights in marine outerwear could be invaluable. like autoinflating lifevests with embedded bright lights and beacons. it would be nice to have a flashlight grade LED in a sleave cuff. more practical than trendy. but that sells.

  • Well it was time well spent. I am making a code archive database / IDE for the StickOS. I know people want C but this StickBasic is just fine for all but the tightest applications. really though it can do it all.

  • I havent had this much fun since I found a box of blasting caps near an old bridge. This uP is fast, lots of room for all kinds of data and code. the StickOS makes this a so simple thing to program. the IC/sp com code makes io a breeze.
    thanks to all theose who have contributed.

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