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  • Open IGS in FreeCAD -> select SHOVEL -> File -> Eport -> shovel_v1.stl -> open in Repetier Host -> Rotate X-axis 85 -> Rotate Z-axis 45 -> Slice -> Run/Print


    3D printed SHOVEL(that isn't really food safe).

  • Is this going to charge an Android phone at USB or AC rates? I don't want to have to crack it open and short the data pins myself to get it to work right.

  • So how long will this pack power say 1 panel or 1 3m strand with a pair of standard AA batteries (like Energizer or Duracell)?

  • What no MySpace?! LOL I kid, I kid.

    When I hear commercials list their Facebook and Twitter accounts, I usually picture the scene from the old Simpsons election episode when the aliens take over the democrat and republican candidates and are found out. They balk that humans have no choice because it's a "two party system". Cut to Ross Perot punching the top out of his hat in disgust. MySpace has become the 3rd party in a "2 party system". How pissed they must get when new services like Pintrest seem to pop up over night and get mentioned but they don't.

  • "Lastly, we have the 200mah LiPo battery packaged"

    I think you meant 2000 not 200.

  • Great soldering iron. I've put a few kits together with it including the smt spectralizer kit.

  • Just finished my kit as part of an Advanced Skills Soldering class at my local hacker/maker space ( http://nova-labs.org/wiki/education/advanced-skills-soldering ). Happy to say mine works although I think the mic could use more amplification.

  • I for one welcome our new robot overlords with an exuberant high 5!

  • Go into Google Calendar and put "edu@sparkfun.com" in the box for Add a friend's calendar and hit Enter/Return. Presto!

  • Thanks for the reply. I knew the 4 meant 4 holes but wasn't sure about the M3 variant. I was leaning towards the metric M3 0.50 since all the measurements were in metric but wasn't sure if there was more than one metric type like there is the SAE 3-48 and 3-56.