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  • Bought ten. Three arrived broken. Good thing I only needed 6 for my project. The ones that were intact work well, but order extras I guess.

  • 3 years and still no female reds or male blues. Everyone I talked to at sparkfun agreed that this was not right, and that they would work on it. Why are we still pretending that the insulator color does not denote wire gauge?

  • It's crazy to me that this continues to be an issue 2 years later. I have had multiple emails with sparkfun customer service about this, and I have confirmed that at least one person there understands the difference between the red and blue connectors, and assured me they'd get it fixed. Yet here we are.

  • You know, this was a really convenient solution for use with your LED ring buttons, or any number of things where you're connecting two things together which are not circuit boards. It doesn't matter that it was for LED strips. You should bring this back because you lack anything else like it.

  • Red and Blue denote wire gauge, not male or female.

  • I found this post on the comments on this connector :

    "FYI: I happen to have some of the Sparkfun arcade buttons (both kinds). I measured the terminals on both (with calipers), and here are the results: “Concave Button” (COM-09336): 0.187 inches – will work with 1/5" (0.2", a little big, but close enough) “Push Button” (COM-09177): 0.110 inches – way too small for 0.2" quick disconnects"

  • Yes, please! I don't understand why they wouldn't sell both.

  • Yes, it would be nice if the terminal width was listed in the description.

  • I'd like to see an actual answer to EliTheIceMan's question. His point is valid, regardless of use. If the wire I have is small, and I need a female connector, then I need a RED female connector, because those are for 22-16 AWG. Then I can put it on whatever I'm putting it on and insulate it as I see fit. There should be males and females in both red (22-16 AWG) and blue (16-14 AWG) offered.

  • I just took one apart. It is possible to get to the plate under the dome to print on a word or insert a label.

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