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  • Using a ruler I got:
    width: 1cm
    thickness: 3mm
    length of 3 LED segment: 5cm

  • I just got 2m of this in the mail (its really cool), and discovered that labels are wrong. At least on my strips, the cathode labeled G is the blue cathode, and the cathode labeled B is the green cathode. The 12V anode and R cathode are labeled correctly.
    Also, in case it helps people, I measured the current (@12V) in a single 3 LED strip and got:
    50mA -- red + green + blue
    16mA -- blue
    18mA -- red
    16mA -- green

  • I was looking through the supplied Arduino library and I am very confused by the EL_EscudoClass::all_on() method. It seems to just pulse each pair of channels for 20us? I would think (from the name) that it would behave like all_off() does only it would call EL.on(). Granted I don't have one these boards yet (will be ordering one soon) nor do I know anything about TRIACs, so maybe it does work. But if that is the case could we maybe get a comment in the code explaining why? Thanks!

  • Well, I haven't tried breaking these exact pins apart, but I usually find that gripping the pins on either side of the point where you want it to break and snapping works pretty well. I usually use two pairs of pliers or a vice. You want to snap them apart quickly. Dont hesitate or else the housing is more likely to shatter. If anyone else has a better way, please speak up.