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  • I am having the same problem with the 3.3V inverter!
    This is probably due to the fact that I am measuring 230 VAC for the 3.3V inverter (without load) as opposed to the 12V inverter which only outputs 170VAC. Under load (i.e. with EL wire attached) they both go down to about 150VAC. It seems the EL Sequencer cannot handle the 230 VAC voltage, and the board seems to reset every time after trying to turn on the first EL wire. IIRC, the JST connectors are only rated for 100V but I am not certain if that is the root cause.
    I did a little experiment which seems to confirm the voltage problem: I connected the output of the 3.3V inverter to the EL Sequencer “driver output”, but I connected an EL wire in parallel as well. Because of that additional EL wire, which is always on, the “driver output” hovers around 150VAC when the El Sequencer is not driving any wires. The board works fine this way, although the brightness of the EL wires is reduced (due to the always-on EL wire in parallel)

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