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  • Thanks! Great video by the way.

  • You didn't answer 2 questions that came up in my mind:

    1. Is this a one-way connection so you need two wires to get bidirectional traffic? Or is it half-duplex so directions (can) change? If the latter, is there a master and slaves? Or a round robin protocol or something? I know I could just rtfm...

    2. So basically line A is the positive logic line and B is inverted. What happens when some idiot mixes them up? Do the receiver chips at each end know how to recognize reversed signals (I guess not because you say it's not a protocol)

    Bonus question: do I understand correctly that "not a protocol" means that the standard doesn't say how the data is formatted at all? So someone could use startbit-databits-stopbit or Manchester encoding (which would solve question 2)?

  • I give up. How can you possibly put a Beaglesomething Dog House kit in a box as small as this?

  • "This was a BAD day to forget my towel!"

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