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  • Is there a socket in Eagle CAD that will work with the Mini 04? Or do I have to use 2 sets of headers and be extra carefull of their spacing?

  • wow... this is pretty sad, to get the mini04 to run after all of that, the reset button needs to be pushed 1 second before loading the sketch. Somehow I missed that small step on the forum.
    So, resets have to be done manually for Windows 7. The wiring from RTS to reset needs to be removed and replaced with a 10k resistor and a momentary switch from Ground (on the mini) to Reset.

  • Thanks Mike, I ended up getting a FTDI cable from SparkFun last week after reading the same thing on the Arduino forums. Oddly though, my mini04 is putting out garbage over the monitor window (the RS232 cable is now in storage with that BS2): õ†Rþõ†Rúõ†!ú
    RXD is hooked up to TX
    TXD to RX
    GND (on cable) to Ground
    RTS to .1mF Capacitor to Reset
    Vcc to +5V
    and an LED is hooked up from GND to Pin13
    the LED flashes when the ftdi cable is plugged in. The program compiles and acts as if it's going to the board, but even after half an hour, nothing happens.
    also, I added the following text at the end of the boards file so that the mini04 board would show up:


    mini328.name=Arduino Mini with ATmega328
    Any ideas as to why I still can't get the mini to work on Windows 7?

  • So, can this board be programmed straight from RS-232? I've given it a shot with the cable I built for a Parallax BS2p40 and haven't had any luck. Tx, Rx, Vss (Ground) and Reset seem to be the same and the Pin13 LED blinks like it is downloading but then I get a couple of errors saying 'not in sync resp=0x00' and 'protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51'
    Or would this problem have something to do with different protocols over RS-232?

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