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  • What kind of reader were you using? Antenna?

  • Could you potentially print a QR-Code from this?
    For anyone wondering, most modern black and white label printers use this technology. Also, you've likely seen it if you eat at fast food. Receipt printers use it as well. In the case of the fast food, you might see part of your receipt blackened from sitting next to a hot element for too long.

  • I think he was being sarcastic...

  • What if you got things you planned to get on Free Day, but you didn't get the order in. Can we still send in our 'Almost Free Day' projects?

  • This is amazing and awesome. I don't know what to say. My hobby fun-money is usually pretty slim. This will really enable me to realize some of my projects. My Christmas list is filled up with SparkFun products, but it's exciting to know that anything that gets missed could make it into a late stocking.
    Thank you for being such a generous company. I hope you continue to be successful.

  • This is the unfortunate reality of living in a Society where trademarks have such a strong presence. If SPARC (or Sun, or the lawyers) ignored this, then it can be construed as permission to use the trademark. By virtue of coming across it, and even considering similarity, they have to pursue some legal recourse.
    Yes, it's silly, and yes, they come off as complete jerks, but it could (in a lot of ways) come back and bite them if they don't do anything about it right now.
    That aside, this is really obnoxious. SparkFun clearly has nothing to do with SPARC... it's pretty remote. I don't think anyone with any interest in either company or their respective products would confuse the two.

  • Really pleased to see this kind of thing. When I first started with Electronics, I found myself without a good starting point. This will help someone jump in.

  • Additionally, a tremendous amount of useful information pertaining to that library can be found in the Arduino forum discussion: