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  • I would like to see more programming tutorials for those of us who are beyond the “Blink an LED” phase, and are starting more complicated projects, but are not experienced programmers. The visual programs are frustrating because you cannot add libraries, create functions, add new hardware, etc.

    A user friendly repository of code examples and libraries would help - Not github, but a web based listing of what you as developers have written, and libraries you think would be useful. It is a chore to look up several different tutorials and product examples to piece together code and try to make things work.

    Also, comments, comments, comments in your example code would help - over comment, state what each line does if you need to, but nothing is more frustrating than looking at code that assumes you understand all the uses of things like string, char, and pointers, etc. and there is no usable resource to figure it out. (and no, the arduino learning and reference sites don’t count as they have very few examples and don’t explain a lot of things well)

  • What about all the items that are showing out of stock with no time estimate for restocking? Seems kind of a bummer those items won’t be available for the flash sale.

    If you are holding them back for the Monday sale you might want to update them and say that so we know they will be available Monday. Otherwise what is the point of putting them on sale with no backorder?

  • Having been crushed by the relentless taunting of the other kids, Pete slowly walked home, vowing he’d get his revenge! He’d show them he could build the mother of all AV’s!

  • “With this board and the combined power of your shirts, I will complete my death ray for sure!”

  • SparkFun’s new micro parts pickers - the secret to their uber cool pick n place machine.

  • Are you sure this will makes the solder ROHS compliant?

  • I won’t order separately because I would have gotten free shipping, but not if I order just the pro 3.3 and 5v cards.

  • I can’t believe what incredibly bad luck I have had on flash sales like this - I have been trying for years to get in on good deals, but I guess I’m just too slow - you know like 1 min. after the sale starts….

  • Well great, I thought you said you were going to allow backorders. Now all the boards I want are out of stock and no backorders allowed. Ooooops now I can’t order any at all. There goes a $100+ order…

  • Caught up in the moment by the twinkling starlight, he broke into his Mr. Roboto breakdance routine