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Florida Atlantic University Miami-Dade College


A bit of everything... digital electronic design, programming, mechanical design, fabrication, prototyping, turbine engine design, solid rocket fuel manufacture, pilot/aviation expert/air traffic control experience, and so much more!!





  • Very cool project! Not much cooler than a turbine engine! My first one was a Boeing 502-6 turboshaft that I got up and running. I had my own fuel system & oil system issues, but that engine is very straight forward and easy to diagnose. My largest turbine was a Lycoming T53-L-1B, an early model engine used on Huey's. Good for 860shp. I've had a couple others as well, plus a turbocharger based engine I built. Good times. Best of luck to you on your future turbine endeavors!

  • It's a Tiernay TT10, 10kW power generator, good for around 20-30hp, not real powerful, but does the job it was designed for. I don't know the tach on this one, but most(all?) commercial engines have a tach generator that is mechanically connected to the engine through gearing. It's output is proportional to the % rpm of the engine. I've had several commercial turbine engines myself (T53, Boeing 502-6, etc.)

  • Very cool! I literally got into building my own digital electronics about 15 years ago because I needed to build a tachometer for my own jet engine (was building one from a turbocharger). I've since bought many commercial engines myself, including a Boeing 502-6 turboshaft (160shp) and my big one, a T53 out of a Huey helicopter, good for about 860 shp. I've got them on my site... nuclearprojects.com

  • This is a great chip for thermocouple applications. I had used this years ago for a project. I had documented my work with it, which some may find helpful. Check it out here: http://www.nuclearprojects.com/thermocouple/

  • How about just ONE engine... we'll call it a "helicopter".

  • I use these headers all the time. As mentioned, a larger pack for $1.50 would be more reasonable... at least several at that price. I honestly don't buy them here. I only pay $0.19 each for these 40-pin headers (packs of 10 for $1.90). But SparkFun makes it sooo easy to buy everything at once... so it's a trade-off! ;-)

  • From the schematic, the V1 and V2 pins are VREF's for the gyro chips. I don't use these, and the data sheet indicates to use the VREF's if using only the non-amplified outputs.
    As for what pins to use, use the 3.3V pin for power. Use the GND pin for ground. I also use the Gx4 gyro pins and the accelerometer pins next to those. I don't use any pins on the other side of the board.

  • Great board! I'm using it to develop my own UAV. I've posted Arduino code for fusing the data and displaying it on an attitude indicator program, which I also made(its available for download). All can be found HERE.

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