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    i am using this cam.. everything works perfectly fine when i read the image in one go.. the problem arrives when i start to read its image in chunks.
    i get FFD9 twice or thrice, and the data is corrupted.
    Please suggest me the solution, what am i doing wrong? i selected a chunk size which is an integer multiple of 8..
    Please Help!!!

  • Iam writing a code in c-language for camera. do i have to send a command in hex or decimal? secondly, should there be spaces in command? as in 56 00 26 00 or just 56002600?
    if i send a command by making an array, would it send 56 first, followed by 00, then 26 and the remaining of it?

  • i check that the cam shows initialization at the hyper-terminal. but i am unable to capture an image with evaluation GUI. what is XCTU ? is it necessary to use ?
    i am getting the following error at the GUI when i click the single shot button.
    (10:43:52) Error: Warning : Write File() error.. Bytes Sent: 0; Message Length: 1 VI

  • I recently purchased the camera module.. and now i want to interface it with PC.. Do i have to use RS232 circuitry in between?

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