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  • News - Fluke Responds to Tradema… | about a month ago

    Why not post the design files so I can have mine 3d printed in any color scheme I want? Order the boards, assemble with features and functionality I need. I can make it look like a Fluke, or a Tricorder if I wanted.

  • Product COM-12723 | about 3 months ago

    Anyone else thinking about in-helmet communications? The power is more than adequate, and the flatness would make it simple to fit inside the helmet between your ear and the padding - AND without sacrificing the design integrity of the helmet (as a small magnetic speaker bouncing around might!)

  • News - New Product Friday: Actob… | about 3 months ago

    Old guy warning! I grew up on Erector Sets, the old “dangerous” kind. When I started hobbying with mechanical parts I longed for the simplicity and flexibility of Erector, so I looked around on eBay and found a few sets. Still use them for smaller projects and sub-components.

  • News - The Common Methods of Har… | about 6 months ago

    :) Nice article btw..

  • News - The Common Methods of Har… | about 6 months ago

    Hey CTaylor: This link (http://www.solidstatedepot.com) on your profile is bad. Should it be more like http://boulderhackerspace.com/ ??

  • News - Enginursday: Visually Pro… | about 7 months ago

    I was surprised to see Modkit omitted as well. Especially considering Jeff and others were playing with/Demoing it at AVC last year… wassup ?

  • Product KIT-11606 | about 10 months ago

    Brilliant responsiveness Dr. Bleep. Cool product that I’ll buy when my toy jar fills with enough change.

  • Product SEN-10916 | about a year ago

    I’m curious about the detection of Carbon Dioxide? I’ve seen a bunch of the MQ for a variety of different gasses, but none for CO2. Is this just really difficult to make at a consumer price?

  • Product SEN-11574 | about a year ago

    Great product, but is there any sense of why the cost? This is an ADC and an amp after all. I noticed on the mfg. site they have a photo of the makershed store listing it for $20, but when you click through to the product page it’s $25. I’ve never complained about Sparkfun’s pricing, but doesn’t this seem excessive for this board?!

  • Product PRT-08722 | about 2 years ago

    I read that if there’s no battery connected the voltage can run as high as 6.3v.

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