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  • In regards to those thinking it’s hard to find the correct header, maybe it is not clear to many people that for these .1 headers, you can cut a larger header into pieces as necessary for the correct pin counts. (they cut easily with standard wire cutters and they are scored in the right locations, so it’s difficult to get it wrong) I often buy high pin-count headers and then chop them up for use across several different breakouts, connectors, etc.

  • Honestly, it just caters to my inherent “laziness.” As I design projects that can be quite complex and easily use hundreds of components, it’s not really an issue of selecting the right part (I have to do that a lot, anyways). Most headers used by these breakout boards are fairly standard, anyways. Just laziness….

  • Another technique that I use is to stick the headers in a breadboard, set the target board on top of the headers, and solder. This works best with boards that have more than one set of headers (otherwise, it won’t sit flat and you’ll need to shim it on one side to make the board level).

  • The User Guide link appears to be broken…. (connection refused)

  • Yeah, not like they can’t get them on every street corner “over there.”

  • Broken link on the schematic

  • It’s almost impossible to get ANY device that does not have at least some parts made/assembled in China. No matter who you order it from.

  • Wow! 14 years old? Way to go, kid! Backed!

  • I recently ordered a LiPo battery from a UK supplier as part of a tiny UPS system for a Raspberry Pi. It took them 2 months and 2 separate shipments (after the first one was intercepted somewhere along the way) to get it right…. It’s not just Sparkfun…

  • Yep! That’s the device that started it all for me…. My parents got me one of those at around the age of 6 or so and were wondering if I’d like it. Once I completed all 160 projects, I even started designing my own…. Soon after came my TRS-80 Model III (parents were wondering if it was a waste of money ;) ). The Model III still works today! Now that I’m an engineer (software and electrical), I guess they got their money’s worth!

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