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  • News - New Product Friday: High … | about 2 weeks ago

    Rev C of the BBB with 4gb Flash? Crap. Just bought a Rev B from your female neighbor a week ago, and then saw a rumor posted that a 4g version was in the works. Oh, well. Guess I’ll wind up with another “spare” once I order a 4gb version! (never can have too many of these HIGHLY useful devices)

  • News - Fluke Responds to Tradema… | about 3 weeks ago

    Yellow and orange are two very distinct different colors, my friend… Not visually impaired at all.

  • News - Fluke Responds to Tradema… | last month

    The issue is that the trademark is way too broad. I have no problem with them protecting against an exact lookalike. But in reality, these meters have NO similarities to Fluke other than being generally a yellowISH color. In fact, these are more orange than yellow. They need to specify the exact pantone in their trademark otherwise it is open to way too much interpretation (what if those deciding are even mildly color blind?) and therefore cannot be interpreted as valid (in a SANE legal environment).

  • News - Fluke, we love you but yo… | last month

    I have (what I feel is) an excellent idea… Who here has the knowledge/etc to do something like a CNN iReport on this? (unfortunately, I don’t) Right now this is a situation that is only known in the hobbyist electronics field. Why not expose Fluke’s tactics to the entire world, much like what happened with the frivolous Apple patents? I bet THAT will definitely draw their attention when their CEO turns on the TV and sees his company being shown in a negative light, internationally!

  • News - Fluke, we love you but yo… | last month

    At one time, Fluke WAS undeniably the best. But in today’s world, there are several other major manufacturers that also make excellent products. So, there are plenty of other options without spending a dime on Fluke.

  • News - Fluke, we love you but yo… | last month

    Also, it appears that SparkFun’s loyal customers are currently blowing up Fluke’s Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/fluke.corporation Let ‘em have it! If you search the comments below, you will also find phone numbers for their PR department…

    Fluke needs to understand that those that they hurt here (especially children learning electronics) are their future engineering customers. And also, when Mommy or Daddy are engineers who use Fluke products professionally, they often try to have their children follow in their footsteps and teach them with devices such as the aforementioned meters from SparkFun. How do they think those people will feel when they see this?

    If Fluke needs to lower themselves to setting up bogus trademarks based on a color scheme, then that tells me that they aren’t as concerned about the quality and technical aspects of their products as they should be. And, that means it’s time to shop for a new test equipment manufacturer!

  • Product DEV-12076 | about a month ago

    Full Linux computer for $45…. Lots more interfacing capability than the Raspberry Pi.

  • Product DEV-12076 | about a month ago

    On the bbb blog’s forum, this has been a constant discussion. Apparently they (as of right now) have 140,000 backorders for the board and claim to be manufacturing 700 per day. They seem a bit “upset” that equipment manufacturers are grabbing them up quicker than they can make them, to incorporate them into commercial products. They have created a hot item. I’ve been working with it and it’s HUGELY useful. They need to ramp up production and maybe raise the price a bit (they’re complaining that they aren’t making any money on it).

  • Product COM-12694 | about 3 months ago

    Wow–a blast from the past… My first electronics project back, maybe 30+ years ago, was building an LED VU Meter with 2 LM3915’s… (same chip with different divider resistor values) I still have it here somewhere, and it still works!

  • News - New Product Friday: Ready… | about 10 months ago

    You need to market NADS! I could see myself having endless hours of enjoyment if that was mounted in our atrium!

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