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  • Broken link on the schematic

  • It’s almost impossible to get ANY device that does not have at least some parts made/assembled in China. No matter who you order it from.

  • Wow! 14 years old? Way to go, kid! Backed!

  • I recently ordered a LiPo battery from a UK supplier as part of a tiny UPS system for a Raspberry Pi. It took them 2 months and 2 separate shipments (after the first one was intercepted somewhere along the way) to get it right…. It’s not just Sparkfun…

  • Yep! That’s the device that started it all for me…. My parents got me one of those at around the age of 6 or so and were wondering if I’d like it. Once I completed all 160 projects, I even started designing my own…. Soon after came my TRS-80 Model III (parents were wondering if it was a waste of money ;) ). The Model III still works today! Now that I’m an engineer (software and electrical), I guess they got their money’s worth!

  • They already do. Have you ever looked at your ISP bill?

  • In my experiences, this seems to be more of a US problem than worldwide. In my company (a large well known software/hardware company), we have a large presence in India, for instance (who doesn’t in IT firms?). Anyways, in the USA, our engineers are primarily male. When I have to work with our engineers in India, it is very apparent that over there, the split is actually about 50/50 (with some of the women being actually much better engineers than their male counterparts!) There are a few exceptions, including one very highly respected woman who climbed the ladder all the way from the bottom of my team to ultimately becoming our highly technical director. I conduct some of the interviews for our team and, while I’d actually embrace the idea of hiring a female engineer, so far, in the 3 years I’ve been conducting interviews of outside candidates, I have yet to interview even one female!

    IMHO, we have some severe cultural issues here that need correcting and I applaud those who are working to change this. I’m also happy to say that my best friend is a very successful female mechanical engineer and it’s great to sometimes bounce ideas off of her, as her difference in perspective can be very useful.

  • Unprotected. You must add the proper battery protection circuits. These are commonly used in laptops inside the battery pack, along with the proper protection and monitoring circuits.

  • The only question I have about the “proof you have it” thing is for those who buy the product from one of the various Sparkfun resellers. (I believe other companies do resell Sparkfun stuff, right?) I’m assuming they won’t have the flag set in their account, right?

  • I’d love to be the fly on the wall in that conference call between Microsoft and FTDI….

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