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  • It doesn't update on the entry page, you have to come back to the homepage to get it updated... probably a bug.

  • WOOT. Got one. Now to decide what I want. :D

    Yes, captchas suck, but scripts eating up all the $$ sucks too.... I kinda like the random picking idea, just something different.

    Good luck all, and thanks Sparkfun.

  • un1tz3r0:
    Thanks for that link. That was really helpful for getting the components right. Far easier than dealing with the math myself. :) I did spot check it, but it worked fine. I built it, and my first switching regulator works great. 14V to 3.3V step down, now on to the XBee modules.. :)

  • I won't claim to know how it works inside, but the open circuit voltage is 8.5V. I think it has some kind of current protection built in as well. I put my ammeter probes on it directly and it registers about 2A for a second then cuts off.
    A datasheet on these things would be nice. I'd love to know the max current draw and details of any protection/voltage regulation circuit that might live in there.
    They are very light compared to alkaline. I have more testing to do, but I think these will make nice batteries for my rocket electronics. :)

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