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  • AT MEGA's 1st poop.

  • A spinning red turtle flies out of view as Curiosity probe reveals the latest of the red planet's geeky sub-cultural hullabaloo.

  • PETA was informed that the ShakeSphere was being tested on animals. It's allegedly going to take weeks to convince the pup that it's sparkfun, not barkfun, and those are treads (for my little tank) not treats and a squeaky lamb-shank.

  • Just what is the proper voltage? 110 V?

  • Would this amplify an audio signal without adding a lot of distortion? Has anyone tried it out as an audio amp?

  • I successfully used this MEMS gyro breakout ( with https://github.com/Cameri/Itglib) to create a fun musical synth prototype. Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiCoMHCS9Iw

  • I am working on a (patent pending) musical toy prototype using this vs1053 MIDI breakout. You can hear various sound samples of the MIDI instruments on the VS1053 to get a feel for what it sounds like. Happy creating!

  • midi can send signals for 16 channels and each channel can play a different instrument. Right now I have this working so a drum beat plays on channel 2 and a melody plays on channel 1 at the same time:
    // channel 1
    talkMIDI(0xB0, 0x07, 127); //0xB0 is channel message, set channel volume
    talkMIDI(0xB0, 0, 0x79); //Bank select melodic
    // channel 2
    talkMIDI(0xB1, 0x07, 127); //0xB0 is channel message, set channel volume
    talkMIDI(0xB1, 0, 0x78); //Bank select drums
    talkMIDI(0xC1, 5, 0); // set instrument to # 5
    // then to trigger the notes:
    noteOn(0, ThisNote, 127]); // play channel 1
    noteOn(1, ThisDrum, 127]); // play channel 2
    This did take some time to wrap my head around because I have never worked with midi at this level of detail. Cheers!

  • It seems like you should be able to create a unique handshake signal for each transmitter. Then a simple switch case on your handshake bits would give you the correct source identity. Then your code can do anything needed with each case. I have not used this chip, but this I what I plan to do with it.

  • Now that I have it running, I could make a demo mp3; lets see if I can get around to it in the next few days.

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