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Member Since: August 10, 2007

Country: United States



I am an Artist / Roboticist

Spoken Languages

English, Basic Spanish

Programming Languages



The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BFA Kinetic Sculpture


Electronics, Micro Controllers, Mechanical fabrication


I build robots

  • CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 is a creative commons (alternative copyright) license code for the image not a part number. Your confusion is warranted because it totally looks like a part number.

  • Despite being persecuted and exiled from his Nordic homeland for his "engineering" lifestyle, and though, as we all know, the doors to Valhalla open not for those of an engineering persuasion, Thord never quit being a Viking.

  • But what a great typo it is.
    My motor PWNs!

  • This is the best soldering iron I have ever used. At a previous job I used a nice digital iron and at home I have used a variety of crappy, superheated, tip devouring irons because I had never met this iron.
    The speed at which this iron reaches temperature, and holds it no matter how much copper I ask it to heat, blows my mind. Kind of like Crystal Pepsi, cola and clear? How is that possible??
    I am in love.

  • Hmmm, having been to burning man many times I have often contemplated creative power options. Along with a way to keep food and beer cold.
    One of the previous posts mentioned using refrigerant to create electricity. You could at least build a solar powered cooler. Refrigeration systems all contain a compressor that compresses refrigerant so that it can be decompressed for cooling. De-humidifiers work the same way.
    If you could create enough pressure via heat via focused sunlight you would have no need of ice. One option for focusing sunlight would be to use a large fresnel lens. They sell one at American Science and Surplus, that purportedly melts pennies in seconds and has a 42" focal length.
    I've considered buying one to encourage my gray water to evaporate and use the resulting steam to spin a turbine :)