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Mechanical engineering graduate, avid boater. Builder of mobile software by day, and robots by night. But I'm not a supervillain.

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  • I made something similar for our office: it uses a current sensor to follow the brew cycle and sends a Slack alert when the coffee is ready. https://imgur.com/gallery/uQwvy

    We recently moved to the commercial carafe style and I've wanted to update it to use a custom scale mount but I can't get the SF combinator and load cell board to output nice numbers.

  • Can international customers apply/win? Canada likes Sparkfun!

  • I've tried making a scale using load cells from a kitchen scale, but no matter the LR/LL/UR/UL order I use (with the Combinator), I get flat 0 output. It seems like this means the cells are balanced, but I don't know what else to try. Any suggestions?

  • I've tried multiple ways of wiring this together with the HX711 and only ever get 0 or nonsensical values (the same as being unplugged). A 0 suggests the bridge is balanced, so what have I wired wrong? Red - S, Black - -, White - + and I even tried reversing a single cell polarity but nothing works.

  • It was great to watch the stream from Canada. I can't wait to see how the APRS entries improve over the years!

  • How useful would this be through angled glass, in terms of distortion? ie. sitting on a car dash looking through the windshield

  • Another thing to keep in mind for graceful failure is what feedback your potential customers might appreciate. Being SparkFun, you guys can make sense of something like an error on a specific code line but other people probably can't. Just how much info do you want to share with people about the inner workings of your widget?

  • I'm looking to use this with my robot and ROS. Does anyone know where I can find the covariance of the sensors? The datasheet doesn't seem to have anything.

  • The H2OhNo kit is cool, but I'm curious how it would be integrated into another system. If you're sensing the presence of water, is it like a flood alarm?

  • This looks like a great controller! How many standard I/O ports from the Arduino are left open?

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