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  • Awesome product! I'm using it in a home LED installation. It's the only microcontroller I needed for a single color setup, and it's upgradeable and expandable. I'm impressed with the native configuration software and config options. Now my LED setup sports a customized UI! Also the board design/concept and layout is one of the most advanced of any SF board I've seen. I doubt that one is enough for me.

  •'ve "run" over a dozen of these or "programmed" over a dozen of these with the $1 USB dongle from eBay?

  • I'm mesmerized by your brilliance and wisdom. Did you intend to enlighten my point? Or, did you intend to disagree? Or was your intention merely to insult in a public forum? What exactly is a home hacking arena?

    You don't like me saying the Electric Sheep isn't so bad, I'll give it a shot, and that's worth a personal attack in a public forum?

  • +1 -- ahh ok cool

  • We've been using these motors on our Mendelmax for a little while. We found a decent set of values that gets reasonablyt fast and accurate printing, and posted the modified Marlin firmware at Look for the configuration.h file.

  • any clues on how to tune these on a reprap? did you just follow the step/unit formulas descriped on the reprap wiki?

  • This makes no sense. The datasheet posted for the product is clearly incomplete. Meanwhile the one on the manufaturer's site appears more complete but conflicts with the specs stated here. People should continue to ask for clarification. SF help?

  • datasheet 404

  • I can't get SPI to work. It shouldn't matter that PB0/SS isn't broken out on the board b/c SPI.cpp/SPI.h set it as an output - as it should be - for master mode, right? Meanwhile Serial.print() doesn't seem to work on this board with Mac OS X Lion and Arduino IDE 1.0.

    Anybody have experience with 4-wire SPI on this board or clues for me?

  • Sounds like - could be the bootloader?