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  • It had a bunch more stuff memorial day weekend, and less stuff two days later. I personally bought a bunch of Sparkfun stuff and a MakerShed starter kit from there. I hope they carry more stuff.
    It needs to move out to either the video game area or the tools section. Just to get more notice.

  • Having stuff at microcenter is what led me to this hobby two weeks ago. I found out about the hobby on friday, found out that microcenter carried on saturday and sunday I was already re-learning how to solder.
    I wouldn’t call it brisk but there was def. things there on sunday that weren’t there on tuesday when I went back - like the bluetooth module.
    There were no inventor kits :( had to go with a Makershed one from Microcenter to dive in. But I def. picked up another Uno within a week from there (sparkfun packaging)

  • Yep, I just build my very first test thing (the joystick shield) and am itching to build anything and everything.
    I second classes in Northern Virgina.
    I think they would be a serious hit with all the hobbyist here. I will say this : I discovered Sparkfun products on Saturday, discovered Microcenter sold them on Sunday and it’s now Tuesday when I have gone back to get more “stuff” and things like the Uno had sold out between Sunday and today - SOMEONE must be buying them!

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